Who We Are

The reconcile of care over the tears fortifies harmony. Light upon to guide, is a commitment of an individual with more light to enlighten others. RAZI is well-fabricated Foundation to keep the assimilation of knowledge and values from falling off.

'RAZI' context in applauding the epigram, knowledge is charity by a renowned Islamic scholar Imam Razi. As the name signifies Razi (Contented), we are contented with helping over hardships of the common man.

Why Razi Foundation is genuine and unique?

Its the moral duty of every being to be benevolent with action; RAZI foundation is such a counted good shiver over the voids of failures by contingent sharing the conscience, knowledge without action in insanity and action without knowledge is vanity. Razi is trying to lay down the building blocks of enhancement for the backward class of society with education. Razi is genuine with humanitarian concern for the minority and backward class of the society with welfare measures in protecting their identity and ethical values despite any circumstances. Razi is unique with many dutiful minds believing in the bounties of equality and integrity for all.


Conformist idea of protecting the minority with the wisdom of education against the poignant voids in their life also an active interference with recognition over their values so as to make them strive for the best in both worlds.


We envision in bringing up the best of brains from minority community academically and enhancing their community for prosperity.